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Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Strategic Planning Steering Committee


New Mexico Highlands University
Strategic Planning Steering Committee
January 20, 2009

Strategic Plan 2009-2014 (PDF)


Committee Chair:
Linda LaGrange - AVPAA


Faculty Senate
Maurine Romine – Biology*

College of Science and Mathematics
Camea J. Gagliardi-Blea – Behavioral Science*

College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Eddie Tafoya – English*

School of Education
Dave Braun y Harycki – Associate Dean School of Education
Michael Anderson – Dean School of Education

School of Business
Margaret Young*

School of Social Work
Jill Baker*
Jan Gorman*

Staff Advisory Senate
Roland Salas – Student Support Services*

Graduate Student Association
Sheri  Nsamenang – Clinical Psych*

Associated Student Government
Stephanie Butts*

Tom Ward – Dean, college of Science and Mathematics/Sociology/Academic*
Bill Taylor – VP, Administrative Services Finance and Admin.*

Ed Manzanares* Director Athletics

ARMAS in Education
Elizabeth Ratzlaff – Coordinator

Jim Mandarino – Foundation

Evonne Roybal-Tafoya-Director EOS*

Marcia Henning – Community Member

Ex Officio:
Jim Fries-President *

Other faculty and staff with specific expertise as needed*

Unit Contact People   

College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Julia Grinstein – Department of Languages and Culture
Barbara Risch – Department of English and Philosophy
Peter Linder – Department of History and Political Science
Miriam Langer – Department of Visual and Performing Arts

College of Science and Mathematics
Ian Williamson – Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Susan Williams – Nursing
Kathy Jenkins – ESS
Dave Olivas – Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Mary Shaw - Biology
Merritt Helvenston – Chemistry
Ken Bentson – Natural Resource  Management

School of Business
Margaret Young

School of Social Work
Jill Baker
Jane Gorman

School of Education 
Jim Burns – Ed Leadership
Carolyn Newman – Teacher Ed
Stella Helvie – Special Ed
Alice Menzor – C & I
Counseling – George Leone

Administrative Services
Nes Hagood – Business Office
Eileen Bentley – Budget
Marisol Greene - Facilities
Geri Chavez – Purchasing
Scott Scarborough – Campus Police
Donna Castro – Human Resources
Donna Martinez – Ilfeld Auditorium
Steve Watson – Golf Course

Student Affairs
Thomasinia Ortiz-Gallegos – Academic Support
Ron Garcia – Career Services
Sally Martinez – Bookstore
Margaret Gonzales – Campus Life & Conferences
Eileen Sedillo – Financial Aid
Yvette Wilkes – Housing & Student Conduct
Tina Clayton – International Office
Gil Gonzalez – Recruitment
Rochelle Yazzie – Native American
Roland Salas – Student Support Services
Carlos Lovato – Upward Bound

Joan Lucero-Sisneros
Lew Granados
Steve Martinez
Vince Garcia
Evonne Roybal-Tafoya

University Relations
Sean Weaver

Faculty Senate
Maureen Romine

Staff Senate
Maxine Salas

Student Senate

Graduate Student Senate

Sharon Caballero

Committee Charge:
The Steering Committee will review prior plans, identify major issues needing to be addressed within the next five years, and develop draft vision, mission, values, and institutional goal statements.  The Committee will then share their proposals at an open forum as a starting point for input from the broader campus and community.  The Committee will review input from the open forum, modify their proposals as appropriate based on that input and forward them as recommendations to the President and the Board of Regents.  The Committee should actively draw upon existing materials, other planning efforts such as the Self-Study Committee and the Campus Master Plan Committee, and any other existing resources to assure a coordinated and streamlined effort.

Following approval of vision, mission, values, and goals statements for the University by the Board of Regents, the Steering Committee will solicit plans from each academic and administrative unit identifying appropriate goals through which implementation will be achieved.  The Unit Plans should be reviewed and approved by the appropriate vice president prior to being forwarded to the committee for review and feedback.  The Steering Committee will then submit the Unit Plans to the President and the Board of Regents for approval and incorporation into the University’s Strategic Plan.

The Steering Committee will continue to meet annually or as necessary to monitor and update the approved Strategic Plan. 

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