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USDA-Funded Programs

USDA-Funded Programs

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The New Mexico Highlands University’s Natural Resources Management Department is committed to serving the educational, research, social, and economic development needs of Northern New Mexico, the State, and the nation.  We recognize the importance of graduating an outstanding and demographically diverse body of students capable of protecting and enhancing the nation's natural resource base and environment.  In particular, we understand the unique cultural relationship among Northern New Mexicans with agriculture and the critical need for professionals trained in agricultural sciences.  Grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Hispanic Serving Institutions Initiative made possible the creation of two exciting programs:  the Science Agricultural Summer Experience (SASE) project directed by Dr. Edward Martinez and the Focusing Recruitment, Retention and Research Experiences (FRRRE) project co-directed by Dr. Jennifer Lindline and Dr. Edward Martinez.  Both of these projects are working to increase diversity within the natural resources management workforce by exposing Northern New Mexican youth to content and careers in natural resources management and providing them with a number of agricultural science and natural resource management extension activities.  Both programs are described in detail below.

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USDA Projects

NMHU/LCC: Science and Agriculture Summer Experience (SASE) Project

Focusing Recruitment, Retention and Research Experiences (FRRRE Project)

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