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Biology Faculty


Dr. Mary Shaw, Department Chair
Associate Professor
Phone: 505-454-3407
Research: Botany, Genetics, Science Education
Web Site: Webpage
Dr. Dick Greene
Phone: 505-454-3365
Research: Biomedical Engineering
Web Site: CV (Pdf)
Dr. Carol Linder
Associate Professor
Phone: 505-454-3267
Research: Male Reproduction – Mouse genetics, regulation of gene expression
Web Site: CV (Pdf)
Dr. Ben S. Nelson
Assistant Professor
Phone: 505-454-3305
Research: Biomedical – antibiotic resistance
Web Site: Webpage
Dr. Richard Plunkett
Assistant Professor
Phone: 505-426-2118
Research: Environmental & Biomedical Microbiology
Web Site: Webpage
Dr. Jesus Rivas
Assistant Professor
Phone: 505-454-3292
Research: Animal Behavior, Ecology, Conservation, Wildlife, Tropical Ecology, Herpetology. 
Web Site: Webpage
Dr. Sarah Corey-Rivas
Assistant Research Professor
Phone 505-454-3301
Research: Conservation Genetics & Ecology of Reptiles and Amphibians, Landscape Ecology.
Web Site: Webpage
Dr. Maureen Romine
Phone: 505-454-3264
Research: Botany – Mycorrhizae.
Website: Webpage
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