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Licensed Professional Counselor

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This 48-credit program is structured for students who have earned abachelor’s degree and desire a master’s degree in guidance and counseling with an emphasis in professional counseling.

Mission of the Counseling Department

Counseling Program - Student Handbook (PDF)

Professional Counseling -  Program of Study Form
Rehabilitation Counseling -  Program of Study Form
School Counseling -  Program of Study Form

Program of Study -  The counseling program is structured around three components: core curriculum, research and methodology, and emphasis area.

Students will select an emphasis area in consultation with their adviser.

Required core: 36

Coun 601 Professional Orientation 3
Coun 603 Theory & Practice of Career Development 3
Coun 605 Pre-Practicum in Counseling Skills 3
Coun 606 Theories & Principles of Individual Counseling 3
Coun 607 Group Techniques in Counseling 3
Coun 608 Appraisal of Individuals, Groups, & Families in Counseling 3
Coun 611 Multicultural Counseling 3
Coun 634 Practicum 3
Coun 698 Internship in Counseling 6
GnEd 605 Statistics for Educators 3
GnEd 610 Educational Research Interpretation 3

Research and Methodology

GnEd 605 Statistics for Educators 3
GnEd 610 Educational Research Interpretation

Emphasis in Professional Counselor Licensure

Coun 610 Assessment & Treatment Planning in Counseling 3
Coun 612 Mental Health Ethics and Law 3
Coun 615 Family Counseling 3
Coun 619 Management of Counseling 3
Coun 625 Counseling Individuals Across Lifespan 3
Three Electives Chosen With Advisor’s Approval 9
Total Credit Hours 60

This degree is under the Graduate School of Education

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