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Educational Leadership

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This program is structured around three components: required core, emphasis area, and research methodology.  Two options are available for master degree candidates in educational leadership.

Option One is to pursue a master's degree with eligibility for a New Mexico K-12 School Administrator License. Stipulations for admission to this option are that the candidate holds a level II or III New Mexico teaching license or the equivalent form another state.

Option Two is to pursue a master's degree without eligibility for a New Mexico K-12 School Administrator License. This option is tailored for candidates who do not have a teaching license nor teaching experience, yet wish to obtain the background leadership and administrative knowledge obtained from the program. Candidates who choose this option would take all course requirements except the two semesters (six credit hours) of internship. In place of internship, they would take an additional six credits of elective courses approved by their adviser in the program to meet the 36-hour MA requirements.

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