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Educational Outreach Services

Educational Outreach Services (EOS)  provides access to educational opportunities through distance education and off-campus instruction.

Distance Education Services

Off-Campus Instruction

Off-campus instruction is specifically designed for those who need to complete a dual credit, undergraduate, graduate, licensure, or endorsement requirement. Through off-campus instruction, on-site courses are offered at numerous locations throughout New Mexico.  In addition, we can offer selected topic courses to fulfill professional development as required by local school districts or federal/ state/local agencies.
Televised-based Instruction (ITV)

Televised instruction brings the professor and student into an interactive environment through two-way video conferencing.  ITV courses can be transmitted up to 25 sites for any given class.  To have an ITV course transmitted to your site, please call 505.454.3131 or toll free at 877.248.9854.

Codian IP VCR
Televised courses are also recorded on Codian IP VCR.  In the event of connection failure, students can view their course via Codian IP VCR and interact with their instructor via a live chat room in Desire2Learn. 

Codian IP VCR Login
Internet-based Instruction

Web-based instruction is a convenient, alternative option for students. Desire2Learn and Elluminate Live are the two course learning management systems that are used to offer online courses.  


Desire2Learn is an online course learning management tool.  It is used to provide students with 24 hour web access to course content, materials and communication mediums.


Many of our Internet-only classes use Elluminate instead of Desire2Learn Chat to add live interaction.  Students can actively participate in the class from home or work, listen to lectures, respond to questions, and work on shared documents with the professor and classmates. Class sessions are recorded for review. 

Online Chat

Online chat services are web-based programs that assist the general public with questions about registration and financial aid procedures and is also used as tutoring services with many of the academic programs.

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